Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover

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Home Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover FX4 MAX 2019 to Current
Home Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover FX4 MAX 2019 to Current
  • FX4 2019 to Current
  • FX4 MAX 2019 to Current
  • PJ/PK 2007 to Oct 2011
  • PX-I Nov 2011 to May 2015
  • PXII/PXIII June 2015 to Current

The word ‘tonneau’ is French for ‘barrel’ or ‘cask’ and describes the old bucket-shaped back seats in the early 20th Century when cars were first manufactured. Leather tonneau covers protected the seats, then later the car racing industry adopted them for better aerodynamics. Today’s Ford Ranger and other ute tub covers are also aerodynamically useful and offer lots of other benefits such as keeping your cargo dry, improving fuel efficiency, stopping your load from shifting and keeping it safe from prying eyes and light fingers. Whether you want to upgrade your old Ford Ranger tonneau cover or add some functionality or style to your work truck, Ute Covers Direct has what you need.


At Ute Covers Direct, we manufacture the highest quality Ford Ranger tonneau covers and sell directly to the public Australia-wide. We're an Australian made and owned tonneau cover company in Kilsyth, Melbourne, Victoria. 


Ford Ranger XLT Tonneau Cover


Ute Covers Direct manufactures Ford Ranger XLT tonneau covers from super and double cab bunji tonneau covers with factory sports bars and grab rails to clip-ons, roller covers and hard lids. Just punch in your Ford Ranger XLT details and check out whether or not we make yours.

Our Ford Ranger XLT tonneau covers are manufactured using a superior quality, durable vinyl material suited to Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Buy direct from us at Ute Covers Direct and receive an Australian-made, super quality, Ford Ranger Tonneau Ute Cover, Ford Ranger XLT Tonneau Covers, Ford Ranger Roller Covers, and more.

Ford Ranger Roller Cover


To enhance your Ford Ranger ute’s potential, check out the electric Roll R Cover. At the click of a remote control button, this Ford Ranger roller cover lets you open, close, pause and retract the cover at any point. It’s made from heavy-duty aluminium, installs with no drilling, provides excellent security, and a high water rating. The Ford Ranger roller cover includes these features:

  • Sports bar, rhino rack and ladder rack compatible
  • Small steel housing canister to maximise your ute bed space.
  • Powder coating and LED lights
  • User-friendly DIY fitting
  • Plug and play wiring
  • Clamp-on system
  • Full rack, adaptor or rhino rack installation (with DIY instructions)
  • Variations include no sports bars or headboard, no under rail tub liner.
  • We can install it for you at an extra cost.

Please contact us if you're not sure which tonneau cover is best for your Ford Ranger ute. Call us today on (03) 9262 6999.