Tonneau Covers May Be Your Best Ute Investment

Alex MorrisonJan 31, '22

The tonneaus we provide our customers are the best investment money can buy. Our strong, sleek covers are a perfect complement to the Aussie ute, thanks to the tonneaus’ security and smooth style. A tonneau cover may also be the best investment you can choose to protect your ute and...

How to Clean & Maintain Your Ute Tonneau Cover - or Restore It

Alex MorrisonJan 31, '22

A neglected, dirty tonneau cover can be the first thing people notice on a ute that makes it look shabby and showing signs of wear and tear. And without regular maintenance and cleaning, even the most expensive soft tonneau cover or hardtop on the market will not last as long...

5 Advantages of a Soft Tonneau Cover

James ScerriNov 24, '21

The advantages of soft tonneau covers for ute beds are legendary, but the arguments about whether hard covers are better than soft covers go on. Hard tonneau covers are usually made from fibreglass, and soft tonneau covers come in vinyl. At Ute Covers Direct, the vinyl we use is of...

Soft vs Hard Tonneau Covers: Which Option Best Fits Your Ute?

James ScerriNov 24, '21

The decision on whether to buy hard lids or soft tonneau covers for a ute bed can be difficult for many ute owners. But if this is you, knowing why you need a cover for your ute bed is a good place to start. The kind of ute bed cover...

How To Measure For a Tonneau Cover

James ScerriOct 22, '21

So you’ve decided to buy a new tonneau cover but you’re wondering  “how do I know what size my truck bed is?” Don’t worry, measuring your pickup truck for a new tonneau is  simple. All you need is a tape measure and a few minutes to spare and you’ll have the answer.