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Home Holden Colorado Tonneau Cover

Cover Up Your Holden Colorado in Style With Our Tonneau Covers

While Holden Colorados are tough, you still need a quality tonneau cover to keep everything in the back safe and secure. Luckily, tonneau covers are our bread and butter — including hard and soft tonneau covers for your Holden Colorado!

Tonneau Covers That Give Your Holden Colorado the Protection It Deserves

With Ute Covers Direct, you’re always getting a premium-quality product. Our hard and soft tonneau covers keep your ute’s contents secure as you hit the motorway or take that tight turn on the way home. They go a long way to deterring thieves from pinching your tools and supplies out of your ute too. Plus, they also keep your kit protected from the harsh Australian sun or those pelting rains.

And if you love a bit of speed or just want to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, a properly fitted tonneau cover from Ute Covers Direct will help reduce your Holden Colorado’s air drag.

All in all, we can guarantee that a Ute Covers Direct tonneau cover is a worthwhile investment for your Colorado.

Why Should You Choose a Ute Covers Direct Cover?

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing and supplying top-quality tonneau covers across Australia, we’ve seen what ute owners are really looking for in a cover. We’ve taken all that knowledge and put it to hard work in our latest designs. So when you buy a Holden Colorado tonneau cover from us you’re getting:

  • A lightweight but strong PVC marine-grade vinyl
  • 100% weatherproofing
  • Rip-stop reinforcing for the ultimate in tear resistance
  • A guarantee of no shrinking or stretching over time
  • UV and fade resistance
  • Easy water run-off
  • A user-friendly DIY fitting kit
  • A cover that’s easy to remove or attach within minutes
  • 3-year warranty and no-fuss, money-back guarantee

We use cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to ensure that your final product stands the test of time. Additionally, we offer two styles of tonneau covers to suit your needs and preferences.

ClipOn for Fast Removals

Our ClipOn tonneau covers have been designed with a sleek installation and finish in mind. This means all drilling and riveting is done inside the tub. Then, it’s just a matter of fastening the cover down and you’re away.

Plus, for those days when you’re carrying more than usual, we have a hidden stretch cord system. This helps ensure that the ClipOn cover can fit higher-than-normal loads.

Bunji for Reliable Securing

Once the fastening buttons have been installed to the exterior of your loop, all you need to do is loop the Bunji loops around them. This keeps your cover secure, even when you’re travelling on the highway in heavy winds.

Of course, no matter what tonneau cover you choose, we guarantee that it will fit your ute like a glove. We also keep on hand a range of Holden Colorado tonneau cover parts, so if you ever need to replace a Bunji or button, you don’t need to throw the whole cover away. We can get you the part you need, including tonneau cover clips.

Australian-Made With Aussie Ingenuity & Customer Service Too

We’re proud to say that our tonneau covers are made at our premises in Kilsyth, Victoria. Here we design a range of tonneau covers to suit a variety of popular ute makes and models, including lots more Holden utes, accommodating specific vehicle requirements like headboards, sports bars, ladder racks and more. And if you’ve got something particularly unique, feel free to give us a call and we’ll figure out what we can do. It’s all part of the Ute Covers Direct service.

Grab Your Holden Colorado Tonneau Cover Today

Shop our range now or get in touch to organise something custom.

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