MQ Triton Tonneau Cover

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Home MQ Triton Tonneau Cover

Discover the Ultimate Soft Tonneau Cover for Your MQ Triton?

Our quality-made aftermarket MQ Triton tonneau covers offer a convenience, durability and reliability that other Triton tonneau covers cannot match.

Level Up Your MQ Triton With a Leading Tonneau Cover

Ute Covers Direct aren’t just a locally made tonneau cover option — we’re one of the best aftermarket options around. This is because we take special care to ensure our tonneau covers are made to measure the exact specifications of different ute makes and models. As a result, you not only get an easier install job, but you’ll also end up with a soft tonneau cover that securely and snugly fits your MQ Triton.

Additionally, our reliable and sturdy tonneau covers are made to keep your tools and cargo out of sight of thieves, while also protecting them from the harsh Australian weather. This is because we’ve engineered our covers using premium marine-grade vinyl. As a result, they’re resistant to just about everything from UV rays and fading, to shrink and tearing. Plus, they’re waterproof and come with gold passivation-coated support bars for water runoff to keep everything in your tray dry, even when it’s bucketing.

And what about the install? Easy as. You’ll find all the bits and bobs you need come with your new cover. Additionally, all drilling and riveting is done within the tub to keep your ute looking sleek. The only hard part is deciding between a Bunji or ClipOn system! If you can’t make up your mind, our team is always on hand for their expert recommendations.

If, for any reason, you notice some wear and tear on your tonneau cover clip system, we’ve got you sorted too. We’;ve got plenty of spare parts, including tonneau cover clips, so you can replace just the affected part, rather than your whole cover. Not only does this cut down on waste, but it saves you a bundle of money.

Time to Kit Out Your MQ Triton

When you need a tonneau cover for your Mitsubishi Triton MQ, there’s only one name you need to know: Ute Covers Direct. Pick up your soft cover today!