Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are the Ute Covers Direct tonneau covers the same as my original tonneau cover?

No, we are a supplier of after-market tonneau covers and therefore our covers are not the same design as those of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

Our covers come with a complete fitting kit so you will first need to remove any OEM hardware that is attached to your vehicle and then refit our hardware in its place.

Q2. Are tonneau covers easy to install?

Yes, very easy if your tonneau cover has been purchased as a replacement cover for one that was previously bought from Ute Covers Direct, in which case you will have it fitted in just a few minutes.

However, if your Ute hasn’t previously had a cover fitted our tonneaus covers are supplied with a complete fitting kit, including the support bar/s and a comprehensive set of fitting instructions. In this case if you are a bit of a handyman, you should be able to fit the cover in under an hour.

Q3. What do I do if I already have hardware fitted from my previous tonneau cover?

If it is a Ute Covers Direct tonneau cover (refer to the label on the underside of the cover) then the hardware will suit our replacement cover. If it is not a Ute Covers Direct tonneau cover then you will need to remove any existing hardware and replace it with the hardware that was supplied with our cover.

If you have a bunji tonneau cover and wish to keep your existing hardware please give us a call and provide us with your vehicles details and we will let you know what other options might be available to you.

Q4. How much is the freight?

Shipping for our soft tonneau covers is free for customers in mainland Australia. As a guide prices for the shipment of our Hard Lids start from around $130.00 to metropolitan areas, but please give us a call to find out the exact freight cost for your post code.

Q5. Can I come in and pick up my item?

Yes, both our soft tonneau covers, and hard lids are manufactured in Victoria and can be picked up from the factory if preferred.  

Q6. What is the best product to use for cleaning my new tonneau cover?

The best cleaning product for your tonneau cover is our branded Protectant as it not only shines and helps to preserve your tonneau cover, but it’s also non-greasy and doesn’t attract dust like other cleaning products. You can purchase our Protectant from the website under the Products / Accessories page.

Q7. Are your covers compatible with Ute liners?

Our Bunji and Rope tonneau covers suit both over-rail and under-rail tub liners, but a slight modification may need to be made to the front section of the tub liner so that the aluminium rope track can be attached directly to the vehicle body behind the cabin. Most of our ClipOn tonneau covers suit under-rail tub liners and a few of our ClipOn tonneau covers suit over-rail tub liners. Please see the variations section in the ClipOn tonneau cover you are after to see whether it suits over-rail or under-rail tubliners.

Q8. Can I return my tonneau cover if I don’t like it, have ordered the wrong product or just changed my mind?

Yes, you can return the tonneau cover to us if it is in its original packaging and is in good order and condition, including a complete fitting kit. We would however like to know why you wish to return it as your feedback will allow us to continue to improve our products and processes.

Please Note: The cost of the return freight will be at your expense so in order to save both time and money please make sure that you order the correct product at the outset. If you are unsure of which product to order, please get in touch with our customer service team on (03) 9262 6999 before placing your order.

Q9. How long will it take for me to get my money back after I have returned an item?

We will issue you a full refund once the product has been received by our warehouse.

Please Note: You must follow the detailed ‘Return Instructions’ shown under the ‘Customer Support’ section of our website to avoid any potential delay in processing your refund.

Q10. Are Ute Covers Direct tonneau covers long lasting?

Yes, our tonneau covers are extremely durable as they are made from RiplockTM, a fabric that is very versatile as it was designed for applications where resistance to tearing and ripping is of paramount importance. RiplockTM has an acrylic lacquer coating on both sides, to give it improved UV resistance and to make it easier to clean, whilst at the same time restricting plasticiser migration. It has a high level of both scratch and UV resistance, which makes it long lasting and extremely durable.

Because of our confidence in the RiplockTM, fabric we offer a full ‘3 Year’ product warranty on our soft tonneau covers along with a ‘No Fuss’ moneyback guarantee.

Features and Benefits of RiplockTM fabric.

Features: Superior tear strength, extra strong PVC bond, anti-static properties, UV stabilised and fire retardant with a high gloss lacquered surface top and bottom.

Benefits: Excellent long-term durability and shrinkage performance, scratch and stain resistant.

Q11. Are your tonneau covers waterproof?

No tonneau covers are completely waterproof as you will be able to get water into the bed of your Ute if you use a high-pressure washer or hose and aim it along the edges of the cover or the sides of the tailgate.

Our tonneau covers are best described as weatherproof i.e. When it is raining the water should not leak into your Ute bed if the cover has been properly installed, instead it should run off the cover and down the outside of the Ute bed. It is however always possible for some small amount of water to get into the Ute bed around any cut-outs for ladder racks, sports bars etc.

Q12. Does the paint on your Hard Lids match my Ute’s paintwork?

Our hard lids are colour matched to the OEM paint code specification which is normally found on a name plate in either the engine bay or the driver’s door sill. It is however still possible to get minor colour variations in the paint produced by the manufacturer, so it is not possible to guarantee a 100% colour match every time. This is unlikely to be an issue as in our experience less than 1% of all product complaints, of which there are very few, are as a result of variations in the paint colour.