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Home Ford Ranger Soft Tonneau Cover

Keep Cargo Secure With a Brand New Ute Cover

Nothing beats cruising through the streets in your Ford Ranger, windows down and music blasting — expect all that and a soft tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger. An easy drive can make you feel like you have all the time and not a care in the world. But to fully enjoy your journey, you need to know that your cargo is secure. No matter your destination — whether it’s a quick trip to work or a cross-country adventure — it’s important that your belongings are safe in the tonneau. Fortunately, our Ford Ranger soft tonneau covers offer premium protection for your ute’s contents.

Designed and manufactured in Victoria, our Ford Ranger tonneau covers are made from the best, most durable waterproof materials, keeping your valuables safe in all types of terrain and weather conditions. If you’re looking for top-quality protection for your Ford Ranger ute, we’ve got the soft tonneau cover for you!

Why Do I Need a Soft Tonneau Cover for Your Ford Ranger?

Tonneau covers are recommended for every Ford Ranger owner because they protect your cargo from the harsh Australian weather and ensure that your tools, sports equipment or luggage are covered and secure, in line with legal requirements. A Ford Ranger cover also deters theft, as your load is out of sight and away from prying eyes. Not only this, but the right tonneau cover can even reduce air drag, saving you money at the petrol pump.

At Ute Covers Direct, our high-quality covers are designed to fit exact makes and models of utes. This means that when you choose one of our covers, you know you’re getting a product that works properly and will be easy to install. What’s more, everything we offer is made of extremely durable materials, which are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Every soft tonneau cover manufactured by Ute Covers Direct includes the following features:

  • Made from strong and lightweight PVC marine-grade vinyl
  • Tear, UV and fade resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Won’t stretch or shrink
  • Gold passivated support bars, allowing for water runoff
  • User-friendly DIY complete fitting kit
  • Easy and quick removal
  • Can be installed at our factory at an extra cost
  • Customisable in some cases, to accommodate your vehicle’s specifications, e.g., ladder racks, sports bars, rhino rack, over rail tub liner, etc.

Choosing the Right Ford Ranger Soft Tonneau Cover

We manufacture covers to suit a wide range of Ford Ranger models and series. Whether you need a soft tonneau cover for Ford Ranger double cab or XLT super cab, we’ve got you covered (literally!). Before you choose your new soft tonneau cover, you should know that we supply two main styles: ClipOn and Bunji. Both styles of cover are highly protective and easy to fold and roll up when not in use. The main difference lies in how they’re attached.

ClipOn Tonneau Covers

ClipOn tonneau covers come with railing that is installed internally to the tub of your ute. This allows the pull tabs of the cover to seamlessly and securely clip into place. Our ClipOn tonneau covers also have a hidden stretch cord system, meaning they can adjust to fit higher or longer loads, such as stacked boxes or a ladder. If you’re someone whose load changes daily, a ClipOn system is probably a better choice for you than the Bunji system.

Bunji Tonneau Covers

Bunji tonneau covers come with attachment points (buttons) that fasten to the outside of your tonneau. A Bunji cover includes elastic cords that hook over these buttons, in turn blanketing your cargo. If you only carry the basics in your ute, a Bunji cover might be the way to go. It is also worth noting that if your ute already has buttons, we can custom-make a Bunji tonneau cover that lines up with these.

If you want to explore another option, you can also check out our Ford Ranger hard lids! These come in different styles and designs and have a variety of handy features, such as crossbar compatibility. You should also feel free to contact us if you have any questions in regards to finding your perfect ute cover. We’d love to help!

The Ute Covers Direct Difference

At Ute Covers Direct, we’re passionate about providing high-quality, Australian-made ute covers, as well as all kinds of tonneau cover replacement parts. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to manufacture products that exceed expectations. As a family-run business, we care about our customers, and provide hands-on customer service. We’ll help you choose the right soft tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger to ensure that your vehicle is protected for years to come.

Contact Us About Our Ford Ranger Tonneau Covers

Give us a call today on (03) 9262 6999 if you want help installing or finding the right soft tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger. Whichever soft tonneau cover you choose, you’ll receive a 3-year product warranty and money-back guarantee when you buy from Ute Covers Direct. Browse our collection of soft tonneau covers today, and find the perfect fit for your Ford Ranger!

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