Ford Raptor Tonneau Cover

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Home Ford Raptor Tonneau Cover

A Ford Raptor tonneau cover ensures your tools and cargo don’t tempt thieves. These covers protect your ute bed and freight from the weather, and ensures your load is legal and safe while driving. At Ute Covers Direct, we manufacture soft or hard lid Ford Raptor tonneau covers, or replace the covers on older Ford Raptors. Buy Australian-made, high quality, Ford Raptor tonneau covers today. We provide the best ute covers that last.

Soft Tonneaus: Our ClipOn tonneau cover double cab with factory sports bars fits the Ford Ranger/Raptor PX II XLT, PX III XLT models built from June 2015 onwards. To ensure a sleek, modern look, all riveting and drilling is inside the tub and stretch cords allow a higher load than bunji style covers provide. We make tonneaus with high-quality vinyl that will probably outlast your ute!

Hard lids: We supply a double cab silverback hard lid cover for the Ford Ranger/Raptor PXI, PXII, PXIII suited for ute models from November 2011 onwards. This sleek, cost-effective, multipurpose cover offers formidable security and load-carrying capability. Features include quick-release hinges, crossbar compatibility, marine-grade carpet, Max-Lift struts and uninterrupted use of the tailgate.