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Home Tonneau Cover Mitsubishi Triton

Take Charge With Our Tonneau Covers

Mitsubishi Triton owners love their utes and want the best and most affordable tonneau covers available. That’s why they choose Ute Covers Direct for soft covers, hard lids, replacements and spare parts. We manufacture the best-priced, top-quality aftermarket tonneau covers for a range of Mitsubishi models and series.

Why Ute Covers Direct Fits Best

At Ute Covers Direct, we produce durable, high-quality Mitsubishi tonneau covers specially designed and engineered to last for years in our challenging Australian climate. If your Mitsubishi Triton tonneau cover is looking a bit worn or damaged, we can provide a shiny new one that will add value and give your ute a new lease on life. A smooth, well-fitting tonneau cover — such as our MQ Triton tonneau cover — will reduce air drag and boost fuel economy.

We handcraft high-quality aftermarket products that are a great alternative to — and less expensive than — those sold at dealerships. We have a range so wide that we easily have the perfect tonneau cover for your Mitsubishi Triton ute.

The Best Addition for Your Mitsubishi Triton: A Soft or Hard Tonneau Cover?

Whether soft or hard, tonneau covers are a must for Mitsubishi Tritons and any other brand of ute. Not only do they keep your tools and equipment dry, but they also ensure road safety by securing whatever load you’re carrying. As we all know, it’s illegal to travel with an unsecured load, so securing a cover is an excellent way to protect yourself and everyone else on the road. Your tonneau cover will also keep your tools and goods from prying eyes and light fingers, even if it doesn’t lock. Out of sight; out of mind!

Some Like It Soft

If you’re a fan of the soft tonneau cover for your Triton, of course you want the best soft tonneau cover on the market. Why not browse our range until you find your softest fit that sits snug? When it comes to tonneau cover clip replacement, we’ve also got you covered. Check out our spare parts collection for all the bits and bobs you could need.

Triton Tonneau Covers & Beyond

We’re an Australian company that’s been manufacturing tonneaus with Australian materials for the past 25 years. Buying a Mitsubishi Triton tonneau cover from Ute Covers Direct means you’re keeping jobs local, not to mention getting a great deal! Call us today on (03) 9262 6999.