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Home Ford Tonneau Cover FG/FGX June 2008 to Oct 2016
Home Ford Tonneau Cover FG/FGX June 2008 to Oct 2016
  • Courier Double Cab
  • Courier Super Cab
  • Falcon
  • Falcon Single Cab
  • Ranger Double Cab
  • Ranger Single Cab
  • Ranger Super Cab
  • Raptor Double Cab
  • Raptor Super Cab
  • AU/BA/BF Feb 1999 to May 2008
  • FG/FGX June 2008 to Oct 2016
  • FX4 2019 to Current
  • FX4 MAX 2019 to Current
  • PC/PD 1985 to 1998
  • PE/PG/PH 1999 to 2006
  • PJ/PK 2007 to Oct 2011
  • PX-I Nov 2011 to May 2015
  • PXII/PXIII June 2015 to Current
  • XD XE XF XG XH 1979 to Jan 1999

There’s nothing more iconic than the humble Australian ute. First produced in Australia by Ford in 1933, the ute quickly became a symbol of our country’s laid-back yet hard-working culture; and a site of many favourite childhood memories, from family road trips to summers spent working with Dad.

At Ute Covers Direct, we understand what makes the Aussie ute special, which is why we strive to ensure that every ute receives the best possible care.

Why Do I Need a Tonneau Cover?

When it comes to looking after your Ford ute, you can’t go past our tonneau covers. Our tonneau covers have been specifically designed to offer top-quality protection for Ford vehicles. Sitting over the tub (or tonneau) of your ute, these covers provide numerous benefits to Ford ute owners, including:

  • protecting your belongings from the wild Australian weather
  • keeping your cargo secure while driving, which also reduces your risk of being fined for not safely fastening your load
  • hiding your contents away from potential thieves
  • and cutting down on air drag, saving you money at the petrol pump!

At Ute Covers Direct, we offer the most durable and versatile Ford tonneau covers on the market. We manufacture, fit and even custom design tonneau covers for a range of Ford ute models, whether it be a double cab Ford Ranger or single cab Ford Falcon.

When you buy from us, you’ll have confidence knowing that our Ford tonneau covers are long-lasting, competitively priced and made in Australia to the highest standards.

Looking for a first-rate tonneau cover for your Ford vehicle? Browse our covers today to find the best one for your Ford model, or visit our store in Bayswater, Victoria.

Choosing the Right Ford Tonneau Cover

At Ute Covers Direct, we manufacture hundreds of tonneau covers to suit a wide range of Ford models and series. In a sea of choices, we understand that it can be difficult to find the right tonneau cover that complements not only your Ford ute but your lifestyle.

To help you narrow down what you’re looking for, we’ve created the following breakdown on our two main types of soft tonneau covers for Ford vehicles: ClipOn and Bunji.

Unsure about what tonneau cover is best for your Ford? Give us a call on (03) 9262 6999 and one of our experienced team members will assist you!

ClipOn Soft Tonneau Covers for Ford

A ClipOn soft tonneau cover is a great choice if the size of your cargo changes from day to day. Our ClipOn model contains a hidden stretch cord system, which makes this tonneau cover highly flexible and able to fit over bulky loads (e.g., sports equipment, luggage, furniture, etc.) without stretching or tearing, giving you peace of mind when travelling.

If you’re an adventurer who doesn’t know where your next trip in your Ford ute will lead, a soft tonneau cover is the way to go!

Our ClipOn soft tonneau covers also offer a sleek and seamless finish, as all drilling and riveting is internal to the tub. Simply attach the supplied aluminium rails to the top of your tonneau, clip on the cover, and arrive at your destination in style.

Bunji Soft Tonneau Covers for Ford

A Bunji soft tonneau cover operates a little differently to the ClipOn model. When installing this tonneau cover, Bunji attachment points (buttons) are fastened to the exterior of your Ford ute. The Bunji cover then hooks over these buttons, securing the contents of your tonneau.

Part of what makes this model so popular is its elegant design - the cover can be easily attached and removed within minutes, meaning it’s perfect for workers on the go.

If your Ford ute already has buttons in place, don’t worry! We can manufacture a Bunji cover that meets your requirements.

Contact Us Today About Our Ford Tonneau Covers

No matter what tonneau cover you choose for your Ford, when you buy from Ute Covers Direct you can rest assured that all of our tonneau covers:

  • are built from lightweight, strong and tear resistant material
  • are 100% waterproof
  • will not shrink or stretch
  • are UV and fade resistant
  • come with friendly DIY installation instructions
  • are covered by a three-year product warranty and no-fuss money-back guarantee.

Many of our products can also accommodate your sports bar and other types of carry bars. If you find a soft tonneau cover that you love but doesn’t quite meet your Ford vehicle’s specifications, reach out to us and we might be able to custom design one for you!

Call us today on (03) 9262 6999 if you want more information or help selecting the right tonneau cover for your Ford.

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