Toyota Tonneau Cover

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Home Toyota Tonneau Cover 1998 to Mar 2005
Home Toyota Tonneau Cover 1998 to Mar 2005
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If you own any model Toyota ute and want to add value to your beloved workhorse, a new tonneau cover can do wonders for its appearance and save you money on fuel by limiting air drag. For the best quality and most affordably priced Toyota tonneau covers available, Ute Covers Direct is the place to go. If you need a soft tonneau cover or a hard, lockable lid, spare parts or replacements, we’re highly likely to have exactly what you want. We manufacture top-quality aftermarket tonneau covers for a range of Toyota models and series.

If your Toyota tonneau cover is damaged or looking a bit shabby, we can provide a bright new one that will fit perfectly and make your ute look cool again. Keep your tools and equipment safe from possible theft with a hard lid tonneau cover, but even a soft tonneau can discourage burglars. And since it’s against the law to drive a ute or other vehicle with an unsecured load, you need a tonneau for your Toyota to avoid an accident.


At Ute Covers Direct, we manufacture aftermarket, durable, high-quality Toyota tonneau covers designed and engineered to last years, especially for utes driven under the harsh Australian sun, rain, wind and snow.


Car dealerships sell replacement tonneaus, but our aftermarket versions are handcrafted from high-quality locally-sourced materials and our prices are much more affordable. At Ute Covers Direct, we have a large range of Toyota tonneau covers so we may have one that fits your ute.

Ute Covers Direct is an Australian company that’s been manufacturing tonneaus for the past 25 years. Your purchase of a Toyota tonneau cover will help to keep Australian manufacturing and jobs in Australia. We have some great sales with free delivery, so call us today on (03) 9262 6999.