5 Benefits of a Tonneau Cover For Your Ute

5 Benefits of a Tonneau Cover For Your Ute

James ScerriSep 8, '21

Quality tonneau covers not only make your ute visually attractive but there are also major benefits to installing ute or truck bed covers (utes are called pickup trucks in the US). They include the following five major benefits:

  • Protection from the elements - Australia’s weather can be bad for your car, most vehicles and trucks, with extreme icy conditions, wind, rain, hail and snow in winter. But also the scorching temperature in summer plays havoc with an open truck bed. The benefits of a quality tonneau cover are many. It offers protection and helps to shield your load from these damaging elements. Installing a pickup back cover from Ute Covers Direct also means the bed and rear of the ute stays in good condition for longer with no serious damage. Thanks to Ute Covers Direct's quality tonneau covers, your truck's bed stays functional for longer.
  • Security - The benefits of a tonneau when transporting valuable items like expensive tradie’s tools, equipment, delivery items and such, are invaluable. The bed covers can help to protect this precious cargo from theft or the prying eyes of potential thieves by simply being out of sight. Keeping possessions hidden in an open bed without a bed cover is impossible so your items are in plain sight. But a bed cover makes it harder for thieves to access your items and many bed covers have a locking mechanism which is a major advantage.
  • Fuel efficiency - Many truck owners are not aware that aerodynamics can cause resistance in an empty truck bed since the vehicle has to work harder to overcome this, so it uses up more fuel. A tonneau cover for your truck helps to bring about less air drag and saves you money on fuel costs and improved gas mileage, and as a tradie truck owner, low gas mileage means better fuel economy which equals many benefits and more profits.
  • Secure loads - Having your valuable cargo rolling around or shifting in the bed of your truck is not good for the load, the truck bed or your vehicle’s stability on the road. Bed covers can help keep your items in place so they don’t break or blow out on the busy roads or get lost. There are also hefty fines in NSW for insecure loads spilling onto roads potentially causing accidents, so this is an important benefit.
  • A tonneau adds value - If you have to trade your truck in or sell it, your truck bed cover will have helped to keep the vehicle in good condition and visually appealing rather than leaving your bed uncovered without protection, exposed to other elements like dust, sun damage and wear and tear. Another benefit is that tonneaus save more money than you spend on installing truck bed covers over your bed.

Investing in truck bed covers for your truck has many other benefits such as being a classy element that adds to the sleek appearance and aesthetic appeal of your truck and for better gas mileage.

So why not buy your tonneau cover from Ute Covers Direct for a great deal, excellent quality, perfect fit and value for what you pay? Our Australian family-owned and operated business has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing tonneaus for trucks in Australia. We can also help get your tonneau cover installed at a cost, or you can do it yourself quite easily.

You can buy the best tonneau covers from Ute Covers Direct with full confidence in our ability to easily cover your ute with top quality raw materials that have many benefits including proven durability. Contact us today for all your truck bed cover needs.