How to Maintain Your Tonneau Cover

How to Maintain Your Tonneau Cover

James ScerriSep 8, '21

Maintaining your Ute Covers Direct tonneau cover is a simple matter and if done regularly or after heavy-duty work that leaves the cover dusty or mud-splattered e.g., you’ll enjoy it for many years to come. Maintenance on our tonneau covers is easy and they’re durable because we manufacture them with high-quality materials perfect for the extremes of weather experienced in this country. 

Keeping your soft or hard lid tonneau cover is recommended because if you don’t care for it, your cover is prone to damage. A neglected hard tonneau cover can be dented, scratched, or even lose visual appeal caused by a buildup of dirt. A good cleaning regime can even help to restore a neglected tonneau cover to bring it back to near-new condition and extend its life.  

But, you can damage your tonneau cover by using the wrong cleaning products, and taking the wrong approach can cause more harm than good. For instance, never wash the truck without securing the vinyl covers or hard tonneau cover first. Our list of do’s and don'ts can help to keep your truck bed tonneau cover looking like new.

Use the Right Chemicals to Clean Tonneau Covers

Part of tonneau maintenance is washing the covers regularly, but don’t use any old cleaning agent because some can damage the vinyl or hard lid materials and cause corrosion and fading.

If you’re unsure about what to use on tonneau covers, you can always use a microfibre cloth with water and mild soap in circular motions. Always call us at Ute Covers Direct if you’re unsure so we can offer maintenance tips and direct you to the best way to clean hard lid tonneau covers and vinyl cleaners for your soft tonneau cover

How to Clean Hard Lid Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

A hard lid truck bed tonneau cover cleaning and maintenance regime can include a touchless car wash without causing any damage. But to do it yourself the right way, for hard tonneau covers, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Always clean the pickup truck tonneau in the shade away from direct sunlight.
  • Start by hosing the cover with cold water to remove road lodged debris, grime, grit and dirt that can scratch the cover’s surface.
  • Then, using a brush with soft bristles (a hard brush can damage the surface) gently scrub the cover.
  • If using soap and water, soap should be mild and the water cold. Some tonneau materials can be damaged if you use hot water or strong soaps. 
  • Never use bleach, strong detergents, solvents or anything that could damage the Duco or corrode the truck bed fixture and finishes.
  • When the cleaning is done, hose the cover down to rinse it, leaving no soap residues. 
  • Wash the rest of the truck body and wipe the cover over with a soft cloth so it dries faster.

Cleaning Soft Vinyl Tonneau Covers

If your truck bed has a soft vinyl tonneau cover, your maintenance work should include using a vinyl cleaner and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth and a product for UV protection. As with hard lids, using scrubbers and harsh chemicals on soft tonneau covers or retractable tonneau covers can cause irreversible damage.

For optimum tonneau cover maintenance for your vinyl cover or hard lid is Ute Covers Direct’s branded cleaning and UV protectant product as it not only cleans and shines but helps to preserve your tonneau cover. The product is non-greasy and doesn’t attract dust like many other cleaning products. You can purchase our Protectant from the website under the Products/ Accessories page.

We are an Australian, family-owned company that designs and manufactures (in our Australian factory) a handcrafted, high-quality aftermarket alternative to the tonneaus sold by the car dealerships, and at much better prices. Contact us today for all your truck bed cover needs.