Pros & Cons of a Tonneau Cover for Your Ute

Pros & Cons of a Tonneau Cover for Your Ute

Gowsalayadevi SujaiApr 16, '24

If you’ve pencilled ‘buy tonneau cover’ onto your to-do list but are yet to set this intention in stone, chances are you’re reviewing the pros and cons of buying a tonneau cover for your ute. While a tonneau cover tends to be a ‘one-and-done’ purchase — it’s not like you’re installing soft tonneau cover after soft tonneau cover — it’s still far from an inexpensive one, and it may be worth your while to ensure you truly want one. In this blog post, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of having a tonneau cover for your ute. Let’s help you arrive at a decision!

Tonneau Cover Pros

Protection Against the Elements

No matter how durable something is, it will always wear so long as it’s left outside. Remember those shell-shaped kiddie pools from your childhood? Left unattended, they accumulated debris, and their colour inevitably faded beneath the sun. Suppose you’re carting gear around on the back of your ute. In that case, it will likely sit exposed to the elements for long periods, potentially sustaining UV damage (perishables and electronics are vulnerable here!) or getting rained on. Wet factor aside, rain contains dust and debris, and any lingering moisture can cause mould.

Equipped with a tonneau cover, however, your gear is safe from the elements. All it takes is a weatherproof cover to preserve your possessions — and your peace of mind.

Protection Against Theft

Unfortunately, leaving items unattended always leaves them vulnerable to theft. However, with a tonneau cover, you can store your items out of sight — and, hopefully, out of the minds of thieves. While no system is completely foolproof, hiding your cargo from view will certainly minimise your theft risk. Whether you’ve left your ute unattended momentarily or parked it in your driveway for the night, you will rest easier with a tonneau cover shielding your goods from the bad guys’ prying eyes.

Aesthetic Appeal

More obvious pros aside, a tonneau cover improves a ute’s aesthetics, neatening up its appearance by obscuring your possessions from view. To use another childhood analogy, your parents always told you to put your toys away — and your bedroom looked neater for storing those toys in your toybox. Now, as an adult, you may have traded your plastic wrench for a real one, but your parents’ advice still holds up. Close the lid of your ‘toybox’ and enjoy a tidier space! No one likes seeing stray toys or tools strewn across your bedroom — or in your ute bed.

While we’re on the topic of aesthetics, tonneau covers also preserve the appearance of your ute bed, shielding it from debris or discolouration in the sun. From protecting your cargo to keeping your ute looking spiffy, a tonneau cover has everything covered — literally.

Tonneau Cover Cons


Tonneau covers aren’t the cheapest items on the market, and the average tonneau cover for sale at Ute Covers Direct will set you back a few hundred. That said, we consider a few hundred dollars a small price for the peace of mind that comes with securely storing and weatherproofing your cargo. Remember, at Ute Covers Direct, we sell soft tonneau covers, which always cost less than the hard-lidded varieties.

Potentially Incompatible With Ute Accessories

If you have other accessories installed in or around your ute bed, such as bed rails or a toolbox, a tonneau cover may not fit. However, you can easily resolve this issue by speaking with one of our expert staff members, who knows the ins and outs of tonneau cover and accessory compatibility.

Potential Installation Difficulties

Like any other ute accessory, a tonneau cover requires accurate installation to work to its full potential. Some find this less-than-user-friendly, hiring a professional to perform the installation instead. When installing the cover, you may need to drill holes in your ute bed, which can lower the resale value of your vehicle. However, if this is a deal-breaker for you, there is an easy fix: buy a cover that attaches via clamps rather than screws!

To Tonneau or Not to Tonneau?

Overall, a tonneau cover is a worthwhile investment for your ute. Protecting against weather damage and thievery, a tonneau cover is worth the few hundred dollars it will set you back. If you experience a few hiccups with installation or ute accessory compatibility, you can easily overcome them by consulting with the experts at Ute Covers Direct. Check out our range of soft tonneau covers online, double-check they’re right for your ute, and contact us with any issues!