What is better a soft or hard tonneau cover?

What is better a soft or hard tonneau cover?

Gowsalayadevi SujaiMar 28, '24

What is better: a soft or hard tonneau cover? This question is as subjective as the age-old debate of whether soft or hard taco shells come out on top. And in both cases, the answer is ultimately the same: it’s a matter of taste.

Like taco shells, tonneau covers have the task of keeping their prized contents together or safe. But unlike taco shells, tonneau covers hold it together for more pressing reasons than sheer deliciousness — or the way they either provide a gentle cushioning or satisfying shatter in your mouth. Tonneau covers are an extra layer of protection against theft and the elements, keeping whatever’s in your truck bed further away from stealthy hands and weather damage. But which tonneau cover for sale will you choose?

Hard vs Soft Aesthetics

Starting shallow, let’s discuss the differences in appearance between hard and soft tonneau covers. For some drivers, aesthetics are a big deal, and a tonneau cover is like a cape for their car that caps off their look. Soft tonneau covers are a superhero’s choice, sitting outstretched along the ute’s back, glistening in the sun in their nylon or polyester glory. On the other hand, plastic and metal are the stuff of hard tonneau covers, giving them a set shape and a more rigid appearance. Soft tonneau covers may channel Batman’s cape, but hard tonneau covers are lids of steel — sometimes literally — like Superman. So, when you dress your ute, will you be installing soft tonneau cover or hard tonneau cover aesthetics?

Hard vs Soft User-Friendliness

Both covers have user-friendliness on their side. After all, this is a comparison of ute covers, not electronic devices. That said, this category has a clear winner, and it’s the soft tonneau cover! With its flexible material, it’s flexible all around, whether extending itself on the back of a ute or rolled up in storage. Lighter to carry and more accessible to store, soft tonneau covers are more adaptable than their hard-lidded counterparts. They also lift more easily when you go to retrieve your gear.

Hard vs Soft Weight

It should be no surprise that soft tonneau covers weigh less than hard tonneau covers. Not only does their lightweight design make them more user-friendly, but it also means they contribute less to your vehicle’s weight limit. The lighter the ute cover, the better your fuel economy will be. Conversely, a hard tonneau cover may not bode with your load — especially if it’s a touch heavy — due to its larger contribution to the weight limit. Go lighter and softer, and you can afford to take on a few extra items.

Batman vs Superman

What is better: a soft or hard tonneau cover? This question is as subjective as the age-old debate of whether Batman or Superman would win in a fight. In both cases, it all boils down to whether you bet on a tough-looking exterior that is a big old softie up close or a superhero of steel that’s an almost bulletproof protector.

At Ute Covers Direct, we vote for soft tonneau covers. While hard tonneau covers are sturdier and more durable, the tradeoff is that they’re more inconvenient to store and open. Our preference lies in a user-friendly cover that puts less strain on a ute’s weight limit. If you feel similarly, you can buy the best soft tonneau cover for your ute in our online store!

Find Your Superhero at Ute Covers Direct

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