Tonneau Covers May Be Your Best Ute Investment

Tonneau Covers May Be Your Best Ute Investment

Alex MorrisonJan 31, '22

The tonneaus we provide our customers are the best investment money can buy. Our strong, sleek covers are a perfect complement to the Aussie ute, thanks to the tonneaus’ security and smooth style. A tonneau cover may also be the best investment you can choose to protect your ute and the loads you carry. 

At Ute Covers Direct, we have just the style you need for covering your ute bed, and we provide an instruction kit to help you install it. Or we can do that job for you at an extra cost.

Tonneau Covers: Benefits & Features

Our tonneau covers are popular with ute owners because they have the best designs and distinctive features. Our covers are also popular because of the ease with which they are installed and how well they fit the utes they’re designed to cover. The benefits a ute cover provides are many. 

The after-market and affordable ute covers we manufacture at Ute Covers Direct are a good investment, providing ultimate protection whether you choose a soft cover or a fibreglass style.  

Our covers are manufactured from tough vinyl that’s weather-resistant and won’t degrade under the sun’s UV rays. 

Tonneaus Add Style to Your Ute 

You can’t underestimate the aesthetic appeal of a sleek tonneau. Even on older models, an investment in a sparkling new tonneau for your ute can make all the difference, giving you the best chance of a resale or trade-in. 

Maybe you want to buy a new or different tonneau for your new ute, or just want to tart up the old ute? Get rid of the torn, old, shabby cover with rips and broken bunjis and give your ute a new lease on life. 

Tonneaus Look Great, and They’re Functional 

While our tonneau covers are eye-catching and attractive, they’re also an extremely versatile and functional investment. You can feel secure knowing your precious power tools, sports gear, a load of rubbish for the tip, or other equipment is safe. 

You can drive wherever you want without worrying about things falling out or bouncing about on a rough track. It’s crucial to ensure your load is secure. Otherwise, if it shifts in the back of the ute, it can cause driving problems, accidents and fines. Ute covers also keep your petrol bills down because they reduce drag, saving fuel. 

Tonneau Cover Opening Styles

A tradie’s tools are their livelihood, and keeping them safe and secure is essential. So, why not invest in a lockable canopy to your ute to provide the best security and convenience? 

There are several options of ute designs in the broader market to choose from, including the following, depending on what you use your ute to perform. 

Contact us at Ute Covers Direct today to find out if we manufacture the kind of cover you are looking to buy.

  • Folding tonneaus -  These covers have multiple panels with vinyl stretched over a metal frame allowing quick access to your ute tub. Just fold the panels on top of each other. Some soft folding covers can fold up against the back window, giving you access to the ute bed.
  • Roll Up covers - Our Roll-R covers and other roll-up designs are opened by rolling the cover from the tailgate to the rear of the cab. These tonneaus are quick and easy to open since they’re lightweight and won't weigh your ute down.  You get quick access to the ute bed, and these are the best investment for ute owners looking for affordable options and a seamless style.
  • Hinged tonneaus  - This design is connected near the front of the cab, and you open them by tilting the tonneau up from the tailgate at the top.  These covers are made from quality vinyl stretched over a metal frame. You get a smooth one-piece style, best for an owner needing an inexpensive cover providing a seamless style with more than average security.
  • Both hinged and roll-up covers - These tonneaus offer the best of both worlds for your investment since you get the benefits of both the roll-up cover and the hinged.  This agile cover lifts from the tailgate so you can grab your load quickly.  The tonneau rolls right up to the back window, offering full access to the ute bed. This cover is best for people who aren’t so worried about security and want convenience and flexibility. 

Will My Tonneau Fit My Ute?

We can guarantee your cover will fit your ute provided it’s one of the following makes: Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Holden,  Proton, Mazda,  Toyota, Foton, Isuzu, Volkswagen,  LDV, Great Wall, and Mercedes. We also have a broad range of spare parts and accessories. 

Our range of accessories and products feature the 303 Aerospace Protectant to keep your ute cover clean and shiny and look new. Today, you can confidently invest in the best tonneau covers from Ute Covers Direct. Contact us today on 03 9262 6999 for all your ute cover investment needs.