How to Clean & Maintain Your Ute Tonneau Cover - or Restore It

How to Clean & Maintain Your Ute Tonneau Cover - or Restore It

Alex MorrisonJan 31, '22

A neglected, dirty tonneau cover can be the first thing people notice on a ute that makes it look shabby and showing signs of wear and tear. And without regular maintenance and cleaning, even the most expensive soft tonneau cover or hardtop on the market will not last as long as a well-cared-for cover. 

Luckily, we have cleaning and protective products made especially for soft tonneau covers and hardtops. They’re available in the accessories section of our Ute Covers Direct site. 

Using these products, you can keep your cover maintained, restore your cover and keep it looking great, and you’ll lengthen its life so you can enjoy it for many years ahead. 

What to Use For Tonneau Cover Cleaning

Your tonneau cover will pick up dust and grime from the road and the environment and other ways, depending on how you use your ute. If you go offroad for fun, camping or other pursuits, you’re likely to come home with a muddy or very dusty ute and tonneau. 

Part of tonneau cover maintenance is a simple hosing down to eliminate the excess mud or dust. But you really need to clean your tonneau properly with a microfibre cloth or soft sponge and add a protective product to keep the vinyl material sealed if you have a soft cover. 

Don’t use cheap products or harsh chemicals, though. Inferior cleaners and polishers can contain silicone or cheap fillers. And yes, you can restore your tonneau to an okay shine by using them. But be aware that they can age your cover and damage the hard tonneau or soft vinyl material, causing fading and corrosion and shortening its life.

How to Make Your Ute Cover Look Like New Again

Unless you take good care of your tonneau, it will be prone to damage with scratches, dents, and the built-up grime can cause your cover to look unsightly. However, if you get into the habit of cleaning it, you can even restore an uncared-for cover and keep it looking near new. A tip: Never wash your ute without ensuring the vinyl cover is secure.

So, after you’ve hosed off any excess mud or grime with cold water, you’ll need a bottle of our Ute Cover Cleaner Spray and Ute Cover Protectant Spray and a clean microfibre cloth or any clean, soft cloth and a soft brush. But before you start, read these product safety directions: 

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses as a precaution.
  • The product ingredients are classified as Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic.

Then follow these tips: 

Park the ute in a cool area out of direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can dry the tonneau too fast. 

Hose off the excess dirt and grime

Traffic grime, stains and mildew can build up on your ute and tonneau, so it’s a good idea to do a deep clean. You might want to use mild soap or detergent and a soft brush to get rid of cobwebs or stubborn mud and dirt that can scratch your tonneau’s surface.

Spray with Ute Tonneau Cleaner

Spray a section of the tonneau with the Ute Tonneau Cleaner Spray, and then wipe it over in a circular motion evenly until you’ve cleaned the whole tonneau. You might want to hose it off and then rub it dry with a chamois for a streak-free result.

Apply Ute Cover Protectant Spray 

Now your cover is squeaky clean and dry you can apply the protectant as part of your maintenance regime. Spray a section of our Ute Cover Protectant Spray directly onto the tonneau using the damp microfibre cloth and wipe it over evenly. Repeat until the whole tonneau has been covered.  Leave it to dry naturally.

  For any ute owner who is unsure about how to maintain their ute cover, whether you have a hard top or a soft tonneau, you can always call us at Ute Covers Direct. We can provide information on the material we use to make our tonneaus. And we offer maintenance tips and can direct you to the best way to clean the materials used in hard and soft tonneau covers.

Ute Covers Direct is our Australian, family-owned business with our own factory in Victoria. That’s where we design and manufacture a handcrafted, high-quality aftermarket alternative to the ute covers sold by the car dealerships and at much more competitive prices. Contact us today for all your ute bed cover needs today.