5 Advantages of a Soft Tonneau Cover

5 Advantages of a Soft Tonneau Cover

James ScerriNov 24, '21

The advantages of soft tonneau covers for ute beds are legendary, but the arguments about whether hard covers are better than soft covers go on. Hard tonneau covers are usually made from fibreglass, and soft tonneau covers come in vinyl.

At Ute Covers Direct, the vinyl we use is of the highest quality, giving your ute a sleek, high-quality, tight protective cover. And while a soft cover won’t provide you with the same level of security as hard tonneaus, the soft covers have many benefits, including:

1. Access

With a soft cover, you can have easy access to the whole ute bed area. Some hard covers made of rigid fibreglass don’t even fold up, so you can’t fully open your ute bed unless you disconnect the cover from the ute. Soft tonneaus can be quickly rolled up and placed in the cab if you need the bed open for a prolonged period. Soft, retractable tonneau covers let you use part of your bed or the whole bed. If you want to haul something, just roll up or remove the cover.

2. Keep your load secured

Keep your load, equipment, tools and belongings from rolling around in the back of the ute and being damaged. If you have something heavy rolling about, it could affect your ute’s stability on the road. A hard cover does this as well.

3. Classy style

Soft tonneaus simply look great! Your ute bed will look streamlined and very cool. There’s nothing more classy than a vintage ute or a brand new one parked at the kerb with a soft cover stretched taut across the tub.

4. Protection from the elements

A soft cover will protect your load and ute bed from the harsh Australian climate. No matter whether it’s running, snowing, or if there’s a strong wind, storms, and heavy rain and hail, your cover manufactured by Ute Covers Direct will keep your cargo safe.

5. Improve your ute’s fuel economy

It’s estimated that a soft cover improves your fuel consumption by as much as 12 per cent by reducing drag. With the price of fuel in Australia at the moment, this is a bonus. Since the covers are lightweight, this also helps with lowering your petrol usage.

Wait, there’s more!

There are actually six advantages to the soft tonneau covers available at Ute Covers Direct. Our after-market soft tonneau covers are economical and so less expensive than hard covers. The material we use to manufacture our covers is lightweight but incredibly strong 680 gsm PVC, marine-grade vinyl. It’s 100 per cent waterproof, crack, shrink, and tear-resistant (Rip-Stop reinforced).

Our covers are also fade and UV resistant and custom made to fit your ute perfectly. We also supply a fitting kit to enable you to do DIY installations, or our team can also help you install your new cover at a cost.

Contact us at Ute Covers Direct on 03 9262 6999 for all your ute bed covers and accessories. We manufacture our hard and soft after-market tonneaus, so ours are less expensive than other brands. And we make covers to fit most ute models. Contact us today!