Soft vs Hard Tonneau Covers: Which Option Best Fits Your Ute?

Soft vs Hard Tonneau Covers: Which Option Best Fits Your Ute?

James ScerriNov 24, '21

The decision on whether to buy hard lids or soft tonneau covers for a ute bed can be difficult for many ute owners. But if this is you, knowing why you need a cover for your ute bed is a good place to start.

The kind of ute bed cover that’s best for you will depend on a few factors. These include:

  • The look of your tonneau cover
  • Whether it locks or not
  • What kind of security features it offers
  • How protective it is
  • How it performs when it comes to easy ute bed access.

Anti-theft locking systems will be important if you need uber security.

Ute bed tonneaus basically need to cover your load and keep your equipment and belongings away from potential thieves. And apart from looking fabulous, they need to protect your cargo and load from extreme weather conditions. Hard and soft ute covers can fulfil most of these demands, but if you’re looking for extreme protection from theft with locking systems, hard tonneau covers are probably the best choice.

Are Soft Top Tonneau Covers Any Good?

The question of the hard tonneau cover vs soft tonneau cover will probably go on until the end of time, but it will always boil down to what you need your ute bed cover to do for you. Both hard and soft ute bed covers have their good and less good points, depending on what you need. Soft tonneau covers are excellent for busy tradies who need full bed access to the equipment in their ute bed with no mucking around and wasting time.

Soft covers manufactured by Ute Covers Direct in our Melbourne factory have a smooth appearance, and they’re made from premium, durable materials that can withstand the elements. These covers are UV and water repellent and come in many different styles.

The following list of whole ute bed covers can fit both new and older ute makes and models, and all can increase fuel economy:

  • Hard covers
  • Soft tonneau covers
  • Hard folding covers
  • Roll R covers
  • Soft roll covers
  • Roll-up covers
  • Soft folding covers
  • Retractable covers and others

How Can I Lock My Tonneau Cover?

As a ute owner whose most important reason for wanting a tonneau cover is to protect your luggage, tools and other cargo from thieves, hard tonneau covers offer good security. The locking mechanisms are excellent, and while both versions of tonneau cover will keep your cargo out of view, a more rigid cover does take security one step further.

Soft tonneau covers work to protect your ute bed cargo by keeping it out of sight and away from the elements. Also, soft covers provide protection, help keep honest people honest, and help discourage anyone searching for an easily grabbed, free item from your ute bed. However, if someone really wants to access your ute bed, a soft cover doesn't offer as much resistance as a hard cover. The locking mechanism on hard covers is a bonus.

Do Soft Tonneau Covers Improve Fuel Economy?

Yes, soft tonneau covers provide better fuel economy and more kilometres for your buck due to the smoothness of the cover, how tight it fits on your ute bed, and as long as it’s the right tonneau for your vehicle. Both soft tonneaus and hard lids can reduce drag, which means your ute doesn’t have to work so hard to remain at your driving speed, thus saving on petrol.

An open ute bed increases drag, so it’s an essential factor to consider when choosing the best solution in the form of a cover. The sturdy construction of your budget-friendly cover manufactured by Ute Covers Direct is one of the reasons for taking a closer look at our array of ute bed tonneau products, whether you want a hard or soft tonneau option.

For all your tonneau cover needs for your ute bed and to review all options as a proud ute owner, contact us at Ute Covers Direct today.