What Type of Ute Cover is Best For Me?

What Type of Ute Cover is Best For Me?

James ScerriOct 22, '21

The ute is an icon in Australia, no matter the type or brand. It’s loved by tradies, off-road addicts, horse owners needing a strong ute to pull their floats, and for family camping trips and more. The ute is particularly popular due to its practicality, style and ability to carry heavy loads. 

However, there are obvious problems with utes: first, your load is visible to potential thieves, the items in your tub are exposed to the vagaries of the weather, fuel consumption is higher without a cover and your load is more prone to dangerous shifting in transit.

The solution to these problems is a ute cover or tonneau from Ute Covers Direct. But which one is best for your ute?

Ute Covers Direct Ute Cover Solutions 

The type of cover that’s best for your particular ute brand and model will depend on what you do with your vehicle and how you want it to look.  With a dual cab ute, for instance, you can have a soft cover or a roller type lid. But read on to discover the most efficient and attractive cover type to keep your cargo secure and protected. 

Tonneau covers are suited to any type of pickup or dual cab ute model. The soft covers manufactured at Ute Covers Direct are made from top quality vinyl that is long-lasting and strong.  We offer aftermarket alternatives with skilled craftsmanship to ensure your quality cover fits perfectly. These covers, either roller lids or soft tonneaus, are great for the family ute, off-road users and tradies e.g. due to their ease of use.

The Best Ute Cover in Australia

At Ute Covers Direct, you’ll find the best ute cover type in Australia to suit your 4X4 or 2WD ute mode, whether you want a roller lid, bunji style or another soft cover.  A strong canopy can securely cover your dual cab tub, so your off-road or family camping gear, tradie’s tools or other cargo is protected and secured. 

A ute cover can also help you with fuel efficiency since it will reduce drag. There's also the fact that a ute cover can help to stop your load from moving around in the tub and damaging valuable cargo or equipment, or falling out on the road and causing an accident and heavy fines. 

Best Dual-Cab Utes Covers 

If your ute is a dual cab model, there are plenty of alternatives, and the good old tonneau type of cover can still hold its own due to its versatility and convenience.  Soft covers are the best for busy people. They can be quick and easy to remove so you can reach the contents of the tub. 

You can roll or fold a soft cover into a compact unit that can be stored in the cab until you've finished what you’re doing.  To replace your cover you simply attach the press studs at the back and loop the bunjis to the buttons or hooks on your ute. 

New Types of Soft Covers

Ute covers have evolved with a sail track replacing the front press studs so the cover can slide along and provide a water-resistant and weatherproof seal. Some of the best covers for utes have also moved on to hidden fastenings for a streamlined, cleaner look rather than using body buttons and hooks.

There’s also the sail track type that has a length of bungi cord that weaves through a series of eyelets around the edges and is stretched taut. It’s secured by stretching the cord over buttons or hooks on the ute’s bodywork. With this type of cover your load can be higher by using fewer hooks and adjusting the tonneau to suit. 

Other Types of Tonneaus For Your Ute

Another type of cover is the Roll-R cover manufactured by Ute Covers Direct at our factory in Victoria. The electric Roll R Cover is the top of the range accessory to enhance dual cab’s potential. It allows you to open, close and pause at the click of a button.  This cover has a no-drill installation, an advanced security and high water rating.  

Best 4x4 Ute Cover 

The best type of 4X4 ute cover in Australia is the one that suits your ute model, your taste, your family or work, what loads you carry and where you go in your vehicle.  If you have a family on an off road camping trip in Australia in a 4X4 dual cab ute, you’ll be glad you have the soft cover for its ease of access. Your ute bed will no doubt be chock a block with gear you need to access.

If you use your 4X4 dual cab ute for off-road pursuits in Australia you’ll be glad of either a soft cover or Roll-R model canopy that keeps the dust out of the tub and away from your equipment. 

Our Best Ute Tonneaus 

At Ute Covers Direct we deliver a high-quality hand-crafted aftermarket alternative to the tonneas sold by car dealerships, and at a much better price. We have a broad range of products, so chances are you will find a cover to suit your ute no matter what model or make. 

We manufacture covers and products that suit  Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Holden, Mazda, Proton, Foton, Great Wall, Isuzu, Volkswagen,  LDV and Mercedes. We also guarantee our products will fit your vehicle perfectly and we have a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories. This range includes the 303 Aerospace Protectant for cleaning and shining your tonneau cover to keep it looking in as-new condition. Contact us today for a quote.