The Best Tonneau Covers for Keeping Your Ute’s Contents Secure

The Best Tonneau Covers for Keeping Your Ute’s Contents Secure

James ScerriSep 21, '21

To cover the contents of your ute’s tub you can't go past a Ute Covers Direct tonneau, (pronounced ton-oh). We manufacture the best tonneau covers for keeping your ute’s load safe and detracting potential thieves from stealing your cargo, no matter which style you choose. They can also save you from being fined for failing to safely fix your load in place.

The advantages of a tonneau cover

Be aware that our soft covers are NOT a suitable style to be used as a sole load restraint, however they can cover your cargo that has been tied down and provide extra protection. Our products, whether it’s soft or roll-tops, solid lids or bunji tonneau covers, provide other features and advantages such as lessening your fuel consumption due to the smoothness of the tonneau canopy styles which reduces air drag. 

How safe is my soft tonneau cover?

Utes are the best and wonderfully practical vehicles for carrying all kinds of loads in the tub, whether it’s security for a tradie’s work tools, animal fodder, green waste for the rubbish tip, or luggage and sports gear. Your tonneau is safe and stays securely attached to your truck no matter which style you choose, providing it’s closed properly. 

What about security?

But how much security does a tonneau cover provide whether it's used for storage of tools or valued items? Your loads will be protected from the rain and other vagaries of the weather, and while a soft tonneau cover won’t prevent theft, nobody can see what you have under the tonneau cover, so prying eyes will be discouraged from looking further. A hard cover or a roll-top can be locked for further security. Tailgate locks are available 

Tonneaus manufactured for the Australian climate

At Ute Covers Direct, we manufacture a wide range of soft tonneau covers for a range of utility vehicles using high grade, weather-resistant, strong materials, so you’re bound to find one that is secure and that suits your particular brand of ute. We’ve been manufacturing quality ute covers and supplying them nationwide for the past 25 years.

Why is Ute Covers Direct the best option for my ute cover?

Our experts have developed high-quality handcrafted aftermarket quality vinyl or fibreglass lids which are an alternative to the products sold by the car dealerships. Our covers are also a lot less expensive so you're sure to find the perfect hard covers or soft tonneau lids no matter what make or model vehicle you own.

Ours is a family-owned and operated business focused on designing and manufacturing our products here in Australia. We’re a proud Australian manufacturer with years of experience, so you can rest assured your tonneau is made using top quality raw materials that have been put to the test and proven to work. 

Our approach is to aim for quality and durability, and our company philosophy ensures that we consistently produce a high-quality, robust cover. Our tonneaus are made to suit Australia’s harsh and unforgiving climate and to last for years.

Which makes and models of tonneaus are available?

We manufacture a sleek cover, soft tonneau or solid lid for many models of ute. The tonneaus available at Ute Covers Direct will suit:

  • Holden
  • Ford
  • Foton
  • Mazda
  • Great Wall
  • Isuzu
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Proton
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes and LDV

Our products are guaranteed to fit your vehicle and be the ideal choice for your car. We also offer an all-inclusive range of spare parts and accessories. We have the renowned 303 Aerospace Protectant to clean and shine your new tonneau cover to keep it in good condition.

What styles of tonneaus are available? 

There are generally many alternative kinds of tonneaus available for sale in Australia and at Ute Covers Direct we manufacture a variety of affordable, colour matched covers for your vehicle including a:

  • Bunji tonneau
  • Clip-on cover
  • Rope cover
  • Solid lid
  • Roll-top lid
  • Fibreglass lids
  • Folding lids

These styles are versatile and convenient and equally well suited to pick-ups and cab chassis. The traditional tonneau protects your gear or what you have in storage in the bed by being held at the front with press-studs, a bungi cord woven through eyelets around the tub’s perimeter then stretched and secured over hooks or buttons on the body. Newer styles have the front press-studs replaced by sail tracks that slide along to provide a water resistant seal.

How easy or difficult are tonneau covers to install?  

We know our customers value their utes, which is why we always aim to manufacture canopies that meet or even exceed their expectations. To save on the inconvenience and expense of having your cover professionally mounted and fitted, our soft tonneau covers are designed for easy installation by just one person at your own location. However,  we have a fitting service if you need your cover installed for you. 

Why should I buy my new tonneau from Ute Covers Direct?

You should buy your new tonneau covers or fiberglass lids, roof racks, roll tops and canopies from Ute Covers Direct for all of the above reasons, but also because we sell directly to you, the public. This means we offer our valued customers a high-quality product at an uber-competitive price. Also, your tonneau has excellent sealing; it will have a long life and wear well due to its durability.

You can feel assured and confident when you buy from us since, for your peace of mind, we offer a full ‘3 Year’ product warranty on our soft tonneau covering and a ‘No Fuss’ money-back guarantee.

Contact us at Ute Covers Direct today to find the right tonneau cover for your ute. At Ute Covers Direct, we’ve got you covered.